AZEK® Composite Island Post Cap (15 sizes)

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Product Details
Manufacture: Nantucket - Azek®
Color(s): AZEK® Composite - White
Size(s): 3-5/8", 3-5/8"X5-5/8", 3-7/8", 4-1/8", 4-1/8"X6-1/8", 4-5/8", 4-7/8", 5-1/8", 5-5/8", 5-7/8", 6-1/8", 6-5/8", 7-1/8", 7-5/8", 8-1/8"
Quantity per Order: Each
Availability: Allow 5-10 Business Days for Delivery
Installation Instructions: Azek® Post Caps Must be Painted to Avoid Fading!
Product Description AZEK® offers an astounding 25 year warranty on material defects!

Benefits of this product include:
- no rotting, splitting, twisting or warping of material
- impervious to insects and moisture
- looks and feels like white painted wood
- accepts paint easily for a custom color

These AZEK® products must be painted prior to being installed,
or they will discolor and void the warranty.

The following is recommended:
1. AZEK®
doesn't have a finish, and that leaves the material subject to dirt, smudges, mold and mildew.
2. Properly prepared and painted with even brush strokes, gives the appearance of finely painted wood.
3. A properly painted finish will last for years, protecting the substrate from mold, mildew and the uv rays from the sun.

surfaces must be clean, dry and void of any foreign material such as dirt, oil and grease or other contaminates that may come from normal handling, storage and/or installation prior to painting.

Use a 100% acrylic latex paint with colors having a Light Reflective Value (LRV) of 55 or higher.

These AZEK®
products WILL NOT BE COVERED UNDER WARRANTY, if they are not treated prior to installation.

CUSTOM BUILD OPTIONS (see below for details) for AZEK®, Cedar & Redwood

1. Square Post Caps (equal measurements all four sides)

Post Cap Style: All Pyramid & Flattop
Material Type: Cedar, Redwood, & Azek®
Size: Up to 24"X24" (starting at 3-1/2")

2. Rectangle Post Caps (equal measurements on opposite sides)

Post Cap Style: Pyramid
Material Type: Cedar, Redwood, & AZEK®
Size: Up to 8"X8" (starting at 3-1/2")
For example: 3-1/2"X7-1/2" equals Yes (both sides less
than 8")
3-1/2"X8-1/2" equals No (one side over 8" length)

Post Cap Style: Flat Top
Material Type: Cedar, Redwood, AZEK®
Size: Up to 24"X24" (starting at 3-1/2"?)
For example: 3-1/2"x8-1/2" equals Yes (both sides less than
12-1/2"X24-1/2" equals No (one side over 24")

Call 888-934-1328 to get estimates for your post cap custom build needs.
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