Black Sirius Pyramid Aluminum Post Cap (9 sizes)

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Product Details
Manufacture: Aurora Deck Lighting
Color(s): Black
Size(s): *3-1/16", 3-5/8", 4-1/16", *4-3/8", *4-5/8", 5-1/16", 5-9/16", *6-1/8", *6-5/8"
Quantity per Order: Each
Availability: Stock
Installation Instructions:
Product Description **** FREE SHIPPING ON THIS ITEM ****

Aurora Deck Lighting post caps provide a unique look and feel for your deck. These matching post caps are available for each lighting style; Titan, Sirius and Zenith. The caps are made of powder coated aluminum and are available in the same colors as the lighting styles.

* The following sizes come with a replacement base that requires a field install:

3-1/16", 4-3/8", 4-5/8", 6-1/2", 6-5/8" (remove existing base from provided post cap and install additional base to meet size ordered)

Please recycle the original base.

Call 1-888-934-1328 for further detail if needed.
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