TC-120 3/4" Grooved Board Fastener

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Product Details
Manufacture: Tiger Claw®
Color(s): Black oxide with sealer topcoat
Size(s): NA
Quantity per Order: 90 Piece Bag
Availability: Stock
Installation Instructions:
Product Description TC-120 Grooved Board Fastener > Heavy gauge stainless steel fastener for use in 3/4" pre-grooved deck boards or TC-120 Slot Cutter machined grooved deck boards.


The TC-120 is ideal for 3/4"x4" or 3/4"x6" Exotic Hardwoods.

*** TC-120 should NOT be used with the following types of decking:

Pressure-Treated decking surfaces - Other material prone to high shrinkage


When using Tiger Claw fasteners please review and comply with Tiger Claw installation requirements. Failure to follow these requirements may result in deck failure and/or void of warranty.

Inspect decking material prior to installation. Omit any planks that contain hooks, twists, splits, cracks, or other defects. Always install decking with crown upward.

When using:

Designed for use in ¾” decking. If using pre-grooved decking be sure that the groove is the correct dimension and location on the board so that it is compatible with the TC-120 fastener (see groove specs below). A TC-120 Slot Cutter can be used to create grooves in non-grooved boards.


Brand Name: TC-120: Stainless steel hidden deck fastener

Recommended Materials: Use with wood decking ¾” in thickness

Appearance: Semi gloss black finish, rectangular body with a screw hole in the bend of the bottom flange. Two large will off set opposing tabs on top, one tab with points and the other with a rolled edge, one spacer tab on side of fastener body.

Material: 0.060 thick annealed 201 stainless steel (non-magnetic)

Finish: Black oxide with sealer topcoat

Workability: All work can be done quickly and easily using basic tools (screw gun)

Recommended Screw Used: Quality Stainless steel #6 x 1 5/8” finished head decking screw. Screws included in each bag.

Gapping: TC-120 will automatically create a 1/8” space between each board

Expansion/Contraction: Fasteners are designed to allow decking to expand and contract naturally by sliding on the fastener tab and still maintain hold down strength. TC-120 is designed to maintain consistent spacing as deck boards expand and contract. From the point of installation, the TC-120 can handle board expansion up to 1/8” and contraction up to 3/16”

Package Content
Retail Unit: 90 Tiger Claw fasteners, (92) #6 x 1 5/8” stainless steel screws, (1) #1 Square Drive Bit, (1) Installation Instruction, (1) Support Addendum


90 pieces covers 50 sq. ft. when using 5.5” decking and 35 sq. ft. when using 3.5” decking, a fastener is needed at every intersection of a joist and decking board.

When using 5.5” decking with 16” on center joists:

Square footage x 1.75 = Approx. # of fasteners

When using 3.5" Decking with 16" on center joists:

Square footage x 2.75 = Approx. # of fasteners

For other configurations:

# Decking boards x # Supports = # of Fasteners

# Fasteners / 90 = # Bags (round up to next bag)
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