TC-G 1" Grooved Board Fastener

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Product Details
Manufacture: Tiger Claw®
Color(s): Black oxide with sealer topcoat
Size(s): .512” h x 1.075” w x 085” d
Quantity per Order: 90 Piece Bag
Availability: Stock
Installation Instructions:
Product Description TC-G Grooved Board Fastener > Heavy gauge stainless steel fastener for use in 1" or thicker pre-grooved deck boards or TC-G Slot Cutter machined grooved deck boards. Hidden Deck Fastener with black oxide coating that creates an appearance that will better hide fastener between boards.


TC-G is ideal for composites and hardwoods*, 5/4” to 2” in harsh or coastal environments.

TC-G will work in the following decking lumber varieties:

Brazilian redwood - Ipe - Iron Wood - Mangaris - Teak - Cambara - Meranti -
Port Orford Cedar - ChoiceDek - Fiberon – Latitude - Moisture Shield – Monarch – Portico – Trex – Trumarc - Tuf-Deck – Veranda - Weather Best –
WeatherReady (Gossen) - Envision PVC - Tropics

Please consult your manufacturer or ask us first if you plan to use any other decking material not listed above in your decking project.

*** TC-G should NOT be used with the following types of decking:

Pressure Treated Pine - Decking Material prone to high shrinkage-
Hollow Composite decking - Decking boards less than 7/8” thick


When using Tiger Claw fasteners please review and comply with these requirements to obtain proper installation. Failure to follow these requirements may result in deck failure and/or void of warranty.

Inspect decking material prior to installation. Omit any planks that contain hooks, twists, splits, cracks, or other defects. Always install decking with the crown upward.

When using:

Recommended for use in 5/4" or thicker decking. If using pre-grooved decking be sure that the groove is the correct dimension and location on the board so that it is compatible with the TC-G fastener. (see groove specs below) A router or biscuit joiner can be used to create grooves in solid edge decking.


Brand name: TC-G: Coated stainless steel hidden deck fastener

Recommended Materials: Use with decking no less than 7/8” in thickness. (not recommended with decking prone to high shrinkage like Pressure Treated Pine.)

Appearance: Semi gloss black finish, rectangular body with a screw hole in the bend of the bottom flange. Two large off set opposing tabs on top, one tab with small points and the other with a rolled edge, one spacer tab on side of fastener body.

Dimensions: .512” h x 1.075” w x 085” d

Material: .060 304-2B annealed stainless steel (Non-magnetic) - Yield strength 45.5 kpsi - Tensile strength 101.7 kpsi

Finish: Black oxide with sealer topcoat

Workability: All work can be done quickly and easily from above using basic tools (screw gun)

Recommended Screw Used: Quality Stainless steel # 7 x 1 5/8” #1 finished head decking screw. Screws included in each bag.

Gapping: TC-G will automatically create a 3/16” space between each board.

Expansion / Contraction: Fasteners are designed to allow decking to expand and contract naturally by sliding on the fastener tab and still maintain hold down strength. TC-G is designed to maintain consistent spacing as deck boards expand and contract. From the point of installation, the TC-G can handle board expansion up to 1/8” and contraction up to 3/16”

Package Content:
Retail Unit: (90) Tiger Claw fasteners, (92) # 7 x 1 5/8 stainless steel screws, (1) #1 square drive bit, (1) Installation instruction, (1) Support Addendum


Coverage Estimator - A fastener is needed at every intersection of a joist and decking board.

When using 5.5” decking with 16” on center joists:
Square footage x 1.75 = # Fasteners

For other configurations:
# Decking boards x # Supports = # Fasteners
# Fasteners / 90 = # Bags (round up to next bag)

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