Plus System (Limited Access) Spacer Kit

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Product Details
Manufacture: MM Products Incorporated
Color(s): Clear
Size(s): As Shown
Quantity per Order: 100 Kit w/acq screws, 100 Kit w/ss screws (+$27)
Availability: In Stock
Installation Instructions:
Product Description The Invisi-Fast Plus System is the easiest way to install deckboards from above. Just a simple Flip, Attach & Flip method ensures accurate and secure attachment when used with Invisi-Fast spacers.

100 piece kit with 200 ea. ACQ compatible or stainless steel 1 1/4” screws and square drive bit, covers approx. 50 square feet, must be used in combination with one Invisi-Fast with spacer or angle spacer.

(sold as 100pc kit)
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