Price Trends For Building a New Deck or Fence

New Deck Costs

New deck costs have risen pretty consistently for the last year and some of the most significant increases have occurred with copper, steel, and aluminum sheet metal, with prices for copper increasing 80% in the last year, but still not reaching the prices back in 2008. This means that estimating costs to build a deck or fence is a constantly upward moving target. So if you’re a new deck or fence builder, this year is a great time to build your deck while prices are still below earlier prices.


These price trends are particularly important when choosing deck and fence post caps. Aluminum fence post caps for instance may increase by another 25% over the next year, a significant increase if you have large or multiple deck or fence projects with wood post caps. It goes without saying that if you plan to use iron or stainless steel railing balusters for your deck that these price trends will have an even more significant impact as you try to answer the question of, how much does it cost to build a deck?

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According to the US Department of Labor Producer Price Index, cement and concrete have experienced recent price rises of 2-3% and steel increased 5-7%, while lumber has reached its lowest price, down 50% from its peak in 2004. At the same time labor prices have begun to rise. All in all, it’s a good time to build.

Since the housing market isn’t predicted to recover for another two to four years, it’s a also a good idea to improve your home so that you can enjoy it more. Then when the market does rebound you’ll be positioned with a house with a beautiful functional setting that is positioned to sell.

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